Rep. Jim Banks Introduces ‘Five Ocean Navy Strategy’ Resolution

WASHINGTON, February 6, 2019 | T.W. Arrighi (2025702510)

Rep. Jim Banks Introduces ‘Five Ocean Navy Strategy’ Resolution


Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Banks (IN-03) introduced, H. Res. 99, the Five Ocean Navy Strategy, which aims to rebuild the United States Navy.  For years, the total number of ships in our Navy have been reduced as our aging fleet of warships gradually retire. This resolution expresses the need to reverse this trend that harms naval readiness and ensure that our Nation is on a path towards having over 400 warships in its arsenal.  Read the full text here.

Said Rep. Banks, “As the Navy reassesses their 355-ship plan, the Department of Defense must think strategically about global maritime threats. It is clear to me that at least 400 Navy ships are required to achieve strategic success to address the challenges outlined in the National Defense Strategy. The President and Congress need to act quickly to prepare our Navy for a great power competition against technologically advanced enemies.

“A larger Navy will require a serious investment in the American industrial base to give our military the fleet of warships it needs to win the naval battles of tomorrow.  According to a September 2018 White House Study, ‘Industries involved in the manufacturing of shipbuilding components were among the hardest hit by the global shift in the industrial base over the last 20 years.’ We must support our industrial base with innovative technological capabilities to adapt to the future requirements of the force.

“The Five Ocean Navy Strategy encourages the Department of Defense to strengthen our shipbuilding program to address our aging Navy, and the global strategic challenges posed by adversaries both near and far.”


As an officer who served in the Naval Reserves and Afghanistan veteran, Congressman Banks understands the importance of a strong naval force and is displaying the leadership necessary to ensure that the United States Navy remains the most powerful in the world. This bill, introduced before the House Armed Services Committee, will ensure the United States is prepared for the conflicts of tomorrow.


Congressman Jim Banks represents Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District and serves on the House Armed Services Committee, Committee on Veterans Affairs, and Committee on Education and the Workforce.  All press inquiries may be directed to

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