Banks Initiative on Afghanistan Accountability Included in NDAA

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Washington, May 8, 2018 | comments
Congressman Jim Banks (IN-03), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, today released the following statement regarding the inclusion of his initiative to assess Afghanistan’s progress on security cooperation in the fiscal year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA):

“Having served in Afghanistan, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of having U.S. personnel and resources in the region. However, it is important that the American people have clarity about the U.S. role in Afghanistan. My initiative will make certain proper assessments are being made in Afghanistan to ensure U.S. taxpayer dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively.”


Congressman Banks serves in the U.S. Navy Reserve and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014 and 2015 during Operations Enduring Freedom and Freedom’s Sentinel.

The House Armed Services Committee is marking up the NDAA this week. The Banks language requires the Secretaries of Defense and State to provide Congress with an assessment on the efforts of the Afghanistan government to manage, employ and sustain the equipment and inventory provided through U.S. government taxpayer funds. The language was included in Chairman Mac Thornberry’s (TX-13) proposal that was released yesterday.


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