Banks, DeLauro Introduce Legislation to Secure U.S. Supply Chains

Today, Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (CT-03) introduced the bipartisan SHIELD Act. This legislation would establish an Office of Economic and Security Preparedness and Resilience to set priorities to ensure resilient United States supply chains and robust domestic production in sectors vital to national security. It would help eliminate supply chain dependency on China and is inspired by a recommendation from the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission’s 2022 Annual Report to Congress.

Said Congressman Banks: “As the COVID-19 pandemic made horribly clear, America’s reliance on China for making basic things like medicine and critical minerals is a huge liability. Our bill would shine a light on where other such vulnerabilities exist and help revitalize our industrial base to fix them.”

Said Congresswoman DeLauro: “Our overdependence on foreign manufacturing has hampered our ability to quickly respond to supply chain challenges and meet the needs of America and its citizens. There is no reason we should depend on foreign adversaries for essential goods – from technology, to critical minerals, to ingredients for our lifesaving drugs. The SHIELD Act is needed legislation that will safeguard our supply chains from China and the CCP, and provide the United States with the tools needed to help chart a path to outcompete China.”

Said Scott Paul, President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing: “AAM applauds the bipartisan work of Representatives DeLauroand Banks for their legislation to address supply chain vulnerabilities, particularly where China’s Communist Party poses a threat. Recent supply chain disruptions have made clear that the United States must act to shore up critical manufacturing supply chains and reduce our reliance on China to safeguard our security. We should no longer question whether China will weaponize its supply chains and our reliance upon them to its advantage. The CCP has already demonstrated an ability and willingness to do just that. The creation of this office to set supply chain priorities and boost domestic production in key sectors is an important step to further strengthen American Manufacturing.”

For the text of the legislation, click here.

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