Rep. Banks Introduces the Communist Visa Transparency Act

WASHINGTON—Yesterday, Rep. Jim Banks introduced the Communist Visa Transparency Act, legislation to require all visa applicants to the United States to report any affiliation with a communist party and to require applicants from China to report any affiliation with China’s military, paramilitary, law enforcement, public security, or national security forces.

Said Rep. Banks: “Not a single Biden administration or federal government official can accurately estimate how many Chinese Communist Party members currently live in the United States. That is an unacceptable national security risk.

But we all know that China has used our overly lax visa system to export its propaganda and malign influence. Amazingly, many of these CCP agents came here legally and without disclosing their membership. My bill would help law-enforcement track Communist Party activity and prevent many of China’s abuses before they happen.”

Read the bill text HERE.


In 2020, the Trump administration issued an order limiting Chinese Communist Party Members to one month, single entry travel visas. Rep. Banks’ bill would strengthen enforcement of President Trump’s visa order.

Right now, with the exception of “K visa” applicants, non-immigrant visa applicants are not required to disclose whether they are affiliated with communist groups, and immigrant and non-immigrant visa applicants from China are not required to disclose whether they are affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army or China’s security apparatus.


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