Rep. Banks Reacts to Russia/China Alliance Announcement

WASHINGTON—Rep. Jim Banks, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, released a statement on Russia and China’s announcement touting a strong alliance today:

“Russia and China’s announced authoritarian coalition today shows just how badly Biden’s policy of weakness and appeasement has failed. Russia and China share a common interest to undermine the United States, and Biden, through his lack of leadership, has let them do it.

“Today’s announcement also reveals how intertwined our adversaries have become under Biden’s watch. Russia’s menacing posturing against Ukraine is propped up by Beijing, Iran’s escalation of its nuclear extortion is also buttressed by the financial lifeline that Beijing maintained with Tehran.

“What’s also become increasingly clear is that China seeks to be the dominant force within a new world order run by authoritarians. That’s why, if the United States will ever effectively counter authoritarian threats to freedom and democracy, we must first hold firm to our founding principles of limited government, the Constitution and freedom—things that are more under threat every day in Biden’s America.”

On background:

Rep. Jim Banks serves on the House Armed Services Committee and is Ranking Member of the Cyber, Innovative Technologies and Information Systems.

Rep. Jim Banks is also the Chairman of the Republican Study Committee. The Republican Study Committee (RSC) is the largest caucus in Congress with 159 Members. The RSC was founded in 1973 to bring like-minded conservative House members together to promote a strong, principled legislative agenda. For more information on the Republican Study Committee, visit


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