Rep. Banks Statement on CONCEDES Act Passage

WASHINGTON—After the passage of the House Democrats’ so-called “America COMPETES Act” today (a bill Republicans renamed the “America CONCEDES Act”), Rep. Jim Banks released the following statement:

“I voted NO on Pelosi’s America COMPETES Act today because this bill would help China and hurt Americans. Democrats are using the China issue which has broad, bipartisan public support as a cover to pass their liberal agenda. How else can we explain the many harmful provisions stuffed within this fake China bill that have nothing to do with China? Some examples: $8 billion to the UN Green Climate Fund, $5 million to install a Chief Diversity Officer at the National Science Foundation and more references to ‘coral reefs’ than the word ‘China.’

“If Democrats were serious about confronting China, they’d bring my bill the Countering Communist China Act to the floor for a vote. My bill would hold China accountable for their role in the COVID-19 pandemic, bolster our defense capabilities in the Indo-Pacific, stop the theft of our intellectual property and crack down on malign Chinese Communist influence right here at home.”


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