Rep. Banks’ Bill Would Make Desecrating Presidential Memorials a Federal Offense

WASHINGTON – Rep. Jim Banks will be introducing legislation to make desecrating memorials to previous U.S. presidents or Founding Fathers a federal offense punishable up to 10 years in prison.

Rep. Banks’ bill, the “Defending America’s Heritage and Culture Act” (DAHCA, pronounced dah-kuh), would amend the Veterans’ Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act of 2003 to include statues and memorials to former U.S. presidents and all those individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence. The Veterans’ Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act of 2003 already protects memorials to veterans. 

Rep. Banks said, “Attacks on our national heroes denigrate what makes us American and aim to destroy what binds us as Americans. They’re serious crimes that deserve serious punishment.”

On Tuesday President Trump announced the federal government’s intention “to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument… per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation and Recognition Act.”


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