Rep. Jim Banks’ Statement on Trump’s China Actions

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Washington, May 29, 2020 | comments

WASHINGTON – After President Trump’s 2pm ET Rose Garden announcement that the U.S. would be ending its special trade status with Hong Kong, terminating its relationship with the World Health Organization, among other actions, China Task Force and House Armed Services Committee member Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) released the following statement:

“President Trump can boast about many foreign policy achievements. He led the effort to take out international terrorists Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and General Soleimani. He’s successfully encouraged our NATO allies to increase their contributions for our common defense. He’s rebuilt a military that Obama laid to waste. He’s negotiated a Turkish ceasefire in Syria.

“But none of these come close to President Trump’s biggest accomplishment: Changing the global dialogue on China. China is an existential threat to not just the United States, but the global order as we know it. They’ve cost the world trillions due to their malfeasance in addressing coronavirus. And their increasingly aggressive posture towards the U.S. and our allies must be addressed.

“President Trump’s tough-on-China announcements today are further proof that he is the leader for this moment. No president has been as clear-eyed about the China threat than President Donald Trump.”


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