Rep. Banks Statement on President Trump’s Acquittal

WASHINGTON – After the Senate voted to acquit President Trump, Rep. Jim Banks released the following statement:

“Now that President Trump has been cleared, we need to investigate the apparent corruption within the Democrat party. Democrats need to be held accountable for dragging our country through historic, unprecedented, partisan impeachment.

“We know Rep. Adam Schiff lied about his interactions with the whistleblower. We know the whistleblower went to Schiff’s committee before he wrote the complaint. We know the whistleblower worked for Joe Biden. That’s why the next step for Republicans is to investigate. We need to learn why the whistleblower came forward. We need to learn why Rep. Adam Schiff lied about his committee helping the whistleblower file a complaint. We also need to know how Hunter Biden landed the high-paying job in Ukraine and if Joe Biden altered American foreign policy in any way to benefit his son. Americans deserve the full truth so no future president has to go through the abuse this one has.”

Rep. Banks wrote a letter to Chairman Lindsay Graham, as reported by POLITICO, requesting the Senate Judiciary Committee investigate the origins of the impeachment inquiry and corruption within the Obama administration. Sen. Graham has since said that the Senate Intel Committee will call the whistleblower soon.


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