Rep. Banks Slams Democrats for Putting Politics Before National Security

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Washington, January 30, 2020 | comments

WASHINGTON – Rep. Jim Banks released the following statement today after the House voted on two measures designed to limit the president’s constitutional authority to direct the military:

“Despite the fact that Iran has been our clear enemy since 1979 and responsible for thousands of American lives lost over the last two decades... tensions with Iran are Trump’s fault, according to Democrat leaders.

“Operating under that delusion, the Democrat-led House voted on radical measures today that would tie the president’s hands and put our military and diplomatic personnel in the Middle East in extreme peril and signal weakness to our enemies.

“If passed into law, a measure would forbid Trump use any force against Iran, even if they attack American diplomats, civilians, allies or commerce.

“It would also forbid Trump from taking any pre-emptive defense against an imminent attack on the U.S. homeland.

“It is sad to see Speaker Pelosi and other Democrat leaders put American lives in danger just to score partisan political points.”


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